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Cyn Bagley - poet, writer, Viking, US Navy Vet, and Wegener's Granulomatosis patient

I grew up in Northeastern Utah from the age of eight until I left home at the age of twenty-two more or less. I joined the US Navy. traveled, met and married my husband, and finally at the age of thirty-eight I finished my degree in English Literature.

Only a few years later, I ended up in the Landstuhl hospital with kidney failure. It turned out the granulomas in my kidneys were one of the first symptoms of a disease that I have been fighting for almost nine years now. To keep my disease under control, I need to take chemo and prednisone daily. Before you ask, this disease is NOT cancer.

Since I first learned to read, I have liked to write. My first published poetry was in a church newsletter. It did help that my mother put the newsletter together. When I first became ill, I was told that if I wanted to live a longer life that I would have to stay away from offices and work-environments. It became a perfect excuse to write. So I have not only written fiction, but also technical manuals, reflections, memoirs, and book reviews. You can find a lot of my articles on Helium.com.

My last published poem was on Dark Eye Glances "Ode to Lunacy."

Contact Information

If you'd like to chat with me on my fiction or my disease, Wegener's Granulomatosis, you can find me at the following places:

Email: cynbagley@hotmail.com

Twitter: @Cynbagley

FB: Cynthia Bagley

Blogs: Living with an unpronounceable disease- about WG disease

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